Edwin Courtenay

Title: Master Your Vibration (4W) ┃Date: Thursday 14th January┃Time: 7pm-9pm┃Location: Your House┃Cost: £80Places Left:
A four week Ascension Self Mastery Course with Edwin Courtenay and the Masters of Light

Throughout this four week course we will explore the essential spiritual practices required to raise personal vibration, expand consciousness and increase light quotient - prompting and promoting personal spiritual development and the ascension of mind, heart, body and spirit.

We will explore the nature and purpose of our being, clear karma holding us back from developing our gifts and endeavour to recognise the true nature of our contribution to the Divine Plan.

Through guided meditations, healings, initiations and the instruction of techniques and methods dictated by the Masters of Light we will learn how to activate the Merkabah and Omkabah for protection, inter dimensional travel and the development of unity consciousness.

Other topics covered will include:

This workshop is PERFECT for those serious Light Workers seeking to catalyse their spiritual path at this moment in time and embrace the New Year head on. Utilising up to date freshly channelled information from the realms of light in order to create a new regime of spiritual practices that aim to empower and awaken all. Strengthening and focusing our unique contribution to the world around us.

  • The Zoom course is spread over 4 weeks in 2 hour sessions (7pm-9pm) every Friday evening beginning 15th January 2021.
  • The channellings, guided meditations and exercises will be recorded and made available for free to the participants.
  • Everyone will get a copy of Ed's course notes in a pdf format.
  • All meditation music used on the course will be available exclusively to participants for their use when teaching the course.
  • The payment is per person.
  • This is a pass along course meaning you will have the tools to be able to teach this yourself to others.
  • IMPORTANT The Zoom link for the course is in your Paypal receipt and it is the same link for every session.