Pilgrim's Lantern Meditations

The Pilgrim's Lantern are a set of guided meditations or path workings written and spoken by Edwin Courtenay with original music composed around the spoken word by Andrew Helme.

They feature a broad array of topics designed to meet the need of the spiritual pilgrim and light worker - whether that be communing with the guide, healing the earth, aligning with source or cleansing and protecting the energy body.

Available to purchase individually they will build to form a library of easy to practice short but sweet meditations that the aspirant can dip into depending upon their need or want.

These meditations have been composed with a more structured soundscape allowing the listener to have a more intimate experience of the meditation journey.

We hope you enjoy practising these meditations as much we enjoyed creating them for you and that they will provide years of adventure, wonder and blessing upon your path.

To get the best from this meditation it is highly recommended you exclude outside sound pollution as much as possible. The wearing of headphones/earphones will help.

World Healing (FREE)

Our world continues to struggle as war and social unrest runs rampant marring the lives of those innocent caught in the crossfire of dispute. In remedy to this Edwin has created the World Healing meditation. A unique healing meditation that draws upon not only the power of peace inside us all but also the elements as couriers and harbingers for this peace around the world.

Created and read by Edwin with music and soundscape composed by Andrew Helme it is a gift offered freely to all those that might feel called to use it at this time - for themselves, for their home and lives, their town and cities and for the entire world.

Title: World Healing (FREE)┃Length: 18m:56s┃Cost: FREE To request meditation email: andrew.r.helme@gmail.com

Important Information About The Pilgrim's Lantern Meditation Series

  • The guided meditation will be available in your account for you to download as often as you wish as an mp3 file.
  • You may play this meditation publically.
  • You may NOT sell this meditation.
  • Please email: andrew.r.helme@gmail.com if you have any questions.