Edwin Courtenay

Oracle Of The Goddess Reading - £60

Throughout time the Goddess - the Divine Feminine - has taken on many different faces, shapes and forms. Archetypal manifestations of her great power and wisdom brought into being by mankind's many needs, wants and desires.

In this potent and powerful reading Edwin - a long time magical practitioner and steward to the old gods - conjures forth six manifestations of the Goddess, each baring a message for the querent to guide them on their spiritual path in life.

The message itself determined by the nature of the goddess and the specific power and wisdom that she embodies and holds!

This dynamic reading is for the spiritual aspirant only and perfect for both men and women that feel an alignment with the Divine Feminine and the mysteries of magic. For those seeking to be reacquainted with their true nature and realigned to their inherent spiritual power so that they might more clearly see and navigate their way forwards on their spiritual path.

The reading last approximately 30 minutes and is recorded absently in a state of light over shadowing whereby the wisdom of the Goddess speaks and flows through Edwin prompted by his clairvoyant visions.

This is an open reading - meaning no questions may be asked before hand though Edwin always provides the opportunity for questions to be asked after the reading has been completed via follow up email.

Come ... place yourself before the Goddess - as you have many times before in ancient days and let her wisdom expose for you the way of your soul

Edwin will only accept personal readings bought by the payee for the payee. The reason for this is to ensure that infomation brought forward is always provided in accordance with permission from the client. If you want to buy a service from Edwin for someone else please give them the means to do so i.e. give them the money.

The minimum age for readings and spiritual consultations from Edwin is 21.

The reading is conducted on the booked date and time and digitally recorded absently and sent to the client via email.

Edwin will only accept personal readings bought by the payee for the payee.

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