The Wisdom Of Merlin

The Wisdom of Merlin oracle deck charts the life of the famed magician Merlin from his conception through to his early formative years as prophet and guide to chieftains and kings until his ultimate incarceration - at the hands of his lover and nemesis Morgan Le Fay and finally his death and rebirth as spirit and guide! Each section of his journey serving as allegory and metaphor for one's own progress on the spiritual path. Each card carrying a magically charged evocative image, card title and phrase for ease of interpretation and use.

This 28 card deck has been lovingly created by Andrew Helme - astrologer and artisan and Edwin Courtenay spiritual teacher, channel and digital artist under direct inspiration from the Cosmic Ascended Master the Spirit of the Merlin himself. The Wisdom of Merlin is both a divinatory oracle and pictorial spell book of magic and power.

£20 plus postage