Edwin Courtenay

Lady Of Song - OUT OF STOCK

Edwin Courtenay - spiritual teacher and Cunning Man - has always considered himself to be a walkadour - a spell singer - long before he even knew what those words meant.

Spell singing is the ancient art of using the power of the voice to shape the astral light - the magical power of the universe - in order to change the energy of space, consciousness and reality.

The songs on this cd - Edwin’s first studio EP - written and performed by him do just this, crafting moments of mystery and magic filled with gods and goddesses invoked from the edges of our world. Singing charms of making that can be used to bring our desires into reality and weaving circles of protection and power in which we can stride across the borders of the in-between spaces back into the realm of Fairy.

These five spell songs are for all those seeking to reconnect with the ancient half remembered powers within their soul, that they might live again - amongst the cars and gas bills and work stresses - providing respite and sanctuary through the grace and power of the Lady of Song.

A collection of 5 songs and chants sung by Edwin Courtenay and produced by Andy Whitmore, recorded and mixed at Greystoke Studio - www.greystokestudio.com - andy@andywhitmore.com.