Edwin Courtenay

Karma Report - £40

This report focus on an individual's personal Akashic records providing insight into those past lives most significant at this moment in time and why. It focuses on any karmic wounds, blockages, oaths or ties which need to be cleared now as well as true karma that needs to be harmonised. In conclusion the report looks at positive karmic return - those talents, powers and abilities that are returning to the client and how they might be reclaimed and worked with now.

This 1000 word report is delivered as a Word document directly to your inbox potentially becoming a powerful tool to help you see where you are at this moment in time, why you are there and where this leads you to in the future!

Delivery Schedule
We endeavour to deliver your order right away, however 28 days will be the maximum you'll have to wait for goods from the shop but up to 6 to 8 weeks for services provided by Edwin depending on his workload. If time is a consideration please get in touch before you buy.

Please note
All that Edwin requires to fulfill your order is your name. If this is different to the name on your Paypal account please send it to me via the contact details above.

We no longer allow readings to be bought on behalf of another! Edwin will only accept personal readings bought by the payee for the payee. The reason for this is to ensure that infomation brought forward is always provided in accordance with permission from the client. If you want to buy a service from Edwin for someone else please give them the means to do so i.e. give them the money.