Oracle Of The Hidden Kingdom

The Oracle of the Hidden Kingdom is a fantastical journey into the realms of the Fairy Folk, the wise, ancient and powerful elementals of nature. Designed as an oracle of divination the evocative images can also be used for contact with the Fairy Folk and the meditation and invocation of their wisdom and magick. The deck uses inspired and channelled psychic optical art to create images that shimmer and move as you gaze at them, revealing hidden symbols and visions within their jewel like colours and multiple layers.

Follow the pathway through the fairy ring and journey through the lands of the Fey. Learn the magick of glamoury at the feet of the fairy wizard and draw upon the Hallows of the Hollow Hills. Open your heart as you did as a child and remember the mystery of the wee folk.

This 30 card deck comes with an A6 booklet and has been lovingly created by Andrew Helme - astrologer and journeyman and Edwin Courtenay spiritual teacher, magician and optical artist under direct inspiration from the Fairies. It is their gift to remind us who we were and how we might be that person again.

£25 plus postage