Hedge Riding

  1. engaging in a form of Otherworldly travel called hedge riding
  2. while hedge riding, the hedge rider's consciousness travels to another place, the otherworld, which is also the realm of the collective unconscious

Edwin has experienced "out of body" experiences all his life learning over time to control these experiences and exercise them on demand. By inducing a trance state he can will his spirit into the Wild Wood - the other world of faery, elementals and the Old Gods, a space in which by journeying via the World Tree lost fragments of the spirit - often lost as a result of trauma - can be found and returned to those seeking renewed energy and holistic healing. Hedge Riding can also be used to uncover hidden power - needed by individuals to face life challenges and accomplish goals - as well as to overcome creative blockages. Totem Animals and Familiar Spirits can also be located for people using Hedge Riding, as well as information such as Spirit Names, Soul Stones and Patron Gods and Goddesses.

Edwin offers Hedge Riding by petition only, encouraging those who think they might benefit from such a service to email him with their enquiry so that Edwin and his guides might determine if they can help. If this is the case then after payment a mutually convenient time is arranged for Edwin to perform the Hedge Riding absently after which a detailed PDF document of 500 words or more is created by Edwin and sent to the client detailing his experiences and discoveries.

If you are interested in Hedge Riding please click here to email Ed