Edwin Courtenay

Coronavirus Healing Book

Due to the unprecedented circumstances we are currently journeying through Edwin Courtenay has decided to re open his absent healing book especially for those touched by the coronavirus pandemic.

Absent healing is FREE and sent every night at 7pm for those who have contracted the virus or those struggling in some way with social distancing or social isolation measures. Whether this be those seeking protection from the virus because they fall in to the at risk category or those struggling with anxiety and stress.

Also if you know of someone who you feel might benefit from absent healing - whether or not you have their verbal or written consent - please feel free to send Edwin their name as he only ever works in accordance with the will of the higher selves of those who receive the absent healing and the will of the Divine.

Please email Edwin at edwincourtenay@gmail.com with the names of those you are seeking absent healing for, he does not need any information other than the person's name, he does not require to know what the healing request is for. The absent healing is FREE OF CHARGE and will continue to be sent for a month after which the existing list will be erased and request for absent healing will need to be resubmitted.

In perfect love and perfect trust

Blessed Be