Edwin Courtenay

Title: Draconis ┃Date: Sunday 30th August┃Time: 11am - 4pm┃Location: Your House┃Cost: £40
Edwin Courtenay invites you to a one day workshop exploring that most ancient and powerful of creatures … the Dragon!

The Great Goddess and all mother of the Dragons – the Dragon Queen Tiamat - will greet you and welcome you into her magickal kingdom, where - using powerful guided meditations and energetic exercises - you will be introduced to the Dragon Clan’s - manifestations of her power and her love and their unique and potent magick, wisdom and power!

Throughout the day we will explore:

As a special gift from the realm of the Dragons you will also be introduced to the dragon within - your Dragon guide and guardian in these realms as well as hearing - from the Great Dragon himself - the first and the last of Dragon kind to have existed here on Earth - the nature, purpose and fate of the Draconis!

This promises to be a powerful day of enchantment and magick exploring the world of the Dragons through meditations, live trance channeling, exercises, chanting and ritual.

Important Booking Information PLEASE READ

  • This event will be live on Zoom. All you need to take part is a computer with a webcam and microphone.
  • If you do not have Zoom, visit zoom.us and sign up for free or download the app.
  • This payment is per household and you can have as many people squeezed around your device as you like :-)
  • The link to the event is in your Paypal receipt.
  • The booking window for this event will close 1 hour before the event starts.
  • This workshop will be recorded as audio only and made available to attendees for free and later for public sale. Before it is made available we will remove all references to anyone who participates including all conversations between participants and/or Edwin. All that will remain is Edwin's teachings and any meditations.
  • Please email: andrew.r.helme@gmail.com if you have any questions.