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The Four Allies £55

The Four Allies are those elemental powers that align themselves with us in order to guide and protect us through 2019. The Earth Ally is either a stone (crystal) or plant (herb, weed, tree or flower) which lends us the physical power we need in 2019. The Air Ally is a mantra, song or chant that can help us navigate the choppy mental waters of the year ahead - sung or chanted for you by yours truly. The Fire Ally is a protective symbol, visualisation, ritual or invocation that you can use to shield yourself from harm. The Water Ally is a vision that can offer guidance and direction on what you need to focus on and avoid in 2019

The readings are recorded and a link sent via email that will enable you to download the file digitally, they will last approximately 30 minutes and are uniquely channelled for you by myself, they are designed to enable you to use the information to empower yourself, guide and steer yourself forwards and protect and shield yourself appropriately against anything and everything you might encounter on your way.

When you book a reading the Paypal receipt is the only confirmation you will receive.

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