Crystal Skull Healings - Buxton - £25

The crystal skulls are a collective spirit of information and power used at the beginning of time by the Divine to create all of reality including mankind. Held within their consciousness are the etheric blueprints of all life which can be downloaded in order to promote corrections in the warped and damaged energy system of humanity.

Edwin Courtenay a reiki master, seichem, angelic, pendragon and excalibur reiki practitioner is a crystal and spiritual healer of 28 years experience. Using his clairvoyance and channelling abilities to see the energy field, chakras and meridians and direct the healing force of spirit to correct imbalances and clear energetic and karmic blockages. He has been a crystal skull guardian for 20 years and will be working with his life size bottle green obsidian skull Kaora.

Allowing himself to be used as a channel for the skulls wisdom and power he will align his clients to the crystal skull's matrix and become a bridge through which their ascension codes, keys and etheric blueprints might be downloaded encouraging a clearing, balancing and healing from the inside out on a spiritual and holistic level of mind, heart, body and spirit.

The healing sessions will be held at Edwin's stall (Spiritlight Gallery/Gobannos) and last approximately 20 to 30 minutes in length. Clients will be given a tally sheet indicating which chakras were imbalanced as well as any other blockages within the energy system Edwin sensed or saw during the session.

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