Clairvoyant - £60

A clairvoyant reading draws upon Edwin’s ability as both seer and medium to reach out into the ether around you in order to make contact with your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angel and Ascended Master and Archangelic Patrons. These presences - sent to guide you by the Divine - often have past life connections with you that the reading reveals as well as specific reasons for watching over you now. Throughout the reading - which lasts approximately 30 minutes - Edwin will identify those presences and pass on guidance from them to you, detailing what you might need to do in order to make a stronger connection with the presences yourself and what the presences might be advising you to focus on or do at this moment in time. The reading may also incorporate suggestions from the guides as to which meditation methods, crystals, herbs, oils and rituals you might best work with in order to better develop your potential and further your spiritual path.

The reading is conducted on the booked date and time and digitally recorded absently with a link sent to the client via the Paypal email (unless you instruct us otherwise). You will then be able to download the reading onto your computer.

Who is this for?
This reading is perfect for anyone seeking more intimate connection with their spiritual team and direct general guidance from them in regards to their way forwards on the spiritual path at this moment in time.


Edwin will only accept personal readings bought by the payee for the payee.

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