10 Archangelic Collective Portraits

A pack of ten A4 Archangel prints on card by the visionary artist Edwin Courtenay. These modern icons for the spiritual age are perfect for the altar, meditation work and prayer. Each pack contains one each of the following.
Archangel Ambriel
Angel of the divine white fire of exorcism and protection.
Archangel Azreal
Angel of death, rebirth and the akashic records.
Archangel Gabriel
Angel of dreams, the moon, the holy grail and water
Archangel Melchizadek
Angel of communion and the universal language
Archangel Michael
Hero of God, angel of protection, passion and perception
Archangel Raphael
Healer of God, angel of healing, healers and communication
Archangel Ratziel
Angel of hidden things, revelation and the occult
Archangel Safriel
Angel of psychic protection and tie cutting
Archangel Uriel
Angel of earth, nature and the green ray
Archangel Zadkiel
Angel of the violet flame, mercy and forgiveness