Title: Angel Song ┃Cost: £60 Coming soon...

Edwin & Andrew are excited to present Angel Song, a collaboration between the angelic kingdom, Edwin & Andrew.

Angel Song is a muscial composition based on Edwin's interpretation of your Guardian Angel. He will provide a written description (approx 500 words) of your Guardian Angel and Andrew will compose a bespoke piece of music, personal to you based on that description, in order that you may sit in the stillness and make a connection to your angel through the emotive and healing medium of sound and song.

Each song will be between 15 and 20 mins long and tailored to the individual. It is NOT a guided meditation but a personal and intimate piece of music that can be used to help make a connection to ones own Guardian Angel.

Further examples of the music I create can be found on the Meditation Music page in the Library.

You will be able to download the song in an mp3 format and a PDF of Edwin's description from an emailed link.

It is highly recommended that you listen to the song through headphones as this will help to block background sounds and enable you to appreciate the more subtle nuances in the song.

As I'm sure you will understand the creative process does not have an on/off switch. For this reason we are limiting this service to TWO songs a month which should allow us time to produce a truly personal, unique and intimate experience.

Terms & Conditions

  • This piece of music will be yours to do with as you want, although it will be personal to you.
  • This is your music and we will never use it in our work.
  • Angel Song can be bought for some else as a gift.