Angel Radio is a collection of - short but sweet - live recorded trance channellings from the Angelic Collective through Edwin Courtenay

Recorded and uploaded Thursday of every week they offer a little angelic guidance to help humanity as they journey through the trials and tribulations of the year and the lockdown blues that are currently being endured throughout the globe.

The channellings are FREE to download and Edwin and Andrew are very happy for you to use them and share them with whomever you feel might benefit from them at this moment in time.

The channelling can be played from the website by clicking the play button below the radio or downloaded by clicking on the download button.

PLEASE NOTE: The downloaded version of the channelling is Ed's natural voice without the distant radio effect applied.

Archangel Chamuel
Spiritual Fire Within
14th January 2021
15 mins
Archangel Adnachiel
Truth, Wisdom & Independance
21st January 2021
15 mins
Archangel Samandiriel
Imagination, Passion & Fertility
28th January 2021
15 mins
Archangel Akriel
Memory & Inner Child
4th February 2021
15:05 mins
Archangel Perpetiel
Hope & Dreams
11th February 2021
15:01 mins
Archangel Muriel
Chief of the dominion choir, angel of intuition & harmony
18th February 2021
15:01 mins
Archangel Harahel
Angel of learning & obedience
25th February 2021
15:05 mins
Archea Isda
Angel of nourishment
4th March 2021
15:00 mins
Archangel Assariel
Angel of Waters
11th March 2021
15:01 mins
Archangel Melcizadek
Power of colour
18th March 2021
15:00 mins
Archangel Abariel
Angel Of The Moon's Magick
25th March 2021
15:00 mins
Archea Rhamiel
Angel Of Empathy
30th March 2021
15:00 mins
Archangel Rehael
Angel Of Respect
8th April 2021
15:00 mins
Archangel Gabriel
Angel Of The Moon
(last one for now)
15th April 2021
15:00 mins